Academy's Policies & Guidelines

Welcome to Raga Academy of Indian Music where melodious students are produced by using high-quality instruction & structured curriculum!!

Academy's Policies

1. SANGEET or Indian music is a very precious art. Music classes are not for casual students!! For Raga Academy’s Artistic Director & Guru, Pandita Heera Kulkarni, teaching music is a passion and not a business. She teaches students with lots of dedication as teaching is her profession. Guru Mrs. Kulkarni retired recently as a fifth-grade teacher from Elk Grove Unified School District after a successful teaching career of 20 years. 


2. All proceeds from Raga Academy after paying taxes are used for either charity or for the promotion of classical & traditional arts of India and YOGA. These funds are not utilized for personal use. I am so grateful to Ma Saraswati and for the blessings of my mother Late Smt. Shashikala Koranne & my father Vishnu Koranne who instilled in me this idea of service to the community.


3. Students of Raga Academy can become very successful in the pursuit of Indian music when they make a commitment to this very sacred art and this gift of music from our rich heritage. Another way to become successful is to support the activities of Raga Academy by attending students recitals, monthly musical gatherings called "Swar Tarang", performing in local programs and attending concerts by visiting artists. 


4. Classes are held once a week, one hour per class. There are four classes per month. Classes start and end on time. Regular attendance is of utmost importance in order to make good progress. There will be a make-up class offered if the teacher is not available on the regularly scheduled day. 


5. It is also suggested that all students listen to good quality Indian music of their choice every day for at least 30 minutes. All students are encouraged to attend Indian classical music programs in Sacramento or Bay Area to hear professional musicians. Fifty percent of learning in Indian music takes place while listening to good music outside of class. All student recitals, concerts & workshops organized by Raga Academy and Sangeet Bharati organization have free admission for Raga Academy students. 


6. Electronic Tanpura and Tabla: To aid with the weekly practice or “Riyaz” all students need to purchase an electronic tanpura and tabla available in India or online. Trusted models are “Raagini” for tanpura and model Digi 100 by “Radel” for tabla. Students are expected to practice music using these instruments. If you are looking for a keyboard then CASIO – CTK- 4200 or CTK - 4700 are good models. 


7. If you don't have an electronic tanpura and tabla then you are required to get the app called "iTablaPro" available for iPad and iPhone. This is a must for practicing your lessons with. If you don't have an Apple device then there is a similar app called "Rhythm" for Android.


8. Pandita Mrs. Kulkarni wishes you best of luck for your musical journey!!!

Three guiding principles or “The Three R’s” of Raga Academy: 

1. Reverence: Utmost respect for the traditional arts, our heritage and our Gurus (teachers).​

2. Riyaz: Sadhana or dedication in practicing your lessons. 
3. Regular attendance: Is a must in order to make good progress in your musical journey.